The leader in digital audio

Reach, connect, engage

The platform of choice for on demand
audio monetization

Advanced targeting to reach
your markets

Our technology enables you to connect with
your audience anywhere, on any device

Profitable online streaming
for digital broadcasters,
pureplay and podcasters

Dynamic ad insertion to
monetize, target, and deliver
audio and video ads

WO Streaming is the first to offer
Nielsen certified audience statistics

Capture growing
programmatic ad budgets with
WO Programmatic for audio

On spot targeting

Crisp, clear, continuous streaming

The first true programmatic solution for digital radio

Get informed with
all-about-your-audience analytics

Engage your listeners and bring in
new revenue

Ubiquity for your brand, multiple revenue
streams, longer listening times

Maximize your investment with services and
support from WO Streaming industry experts

Extend your reach

WideOrbit Headquarters

San Francisco, CA

Many of the world’s largest broadcast groups rely on WO Streaming to deliver superior audience experiences and revenue optimization.

  • Cloud-based ad insertion.
  • Enterprise-class ad trafficking and workflow.
  • Revenue generation from top ad sales partners.

Maximize inventory value with enterprise-class audio ad server capabilities.

  • Advanced targeting by geo-location, device type, portal and many other parameters.
  • Support for multiple ad types– in-stream audio, pre/mid/post roll audio, pre-roll video, companion banners, display banners.
  • Offer advertisers affidavits plus 3rd party impression tracking.
  • Audience measurement from the industry’s most noted third party research partners, including Nielsen.

WO Streaming opens new revenue streams for every digital audio business.

  • Capitalize on incremental advertiser demand sourced from WideOrbit’s ad management business.
  • Rely on our robust ad sales network of partners like TargetSpot, AudioHQ, Westwood One, Katz Media generates revenue automatically from your unsold inventory.
  • Integrate inventory with our programmatic advertising demand market.

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